Oh, Autumn! Freebie calendar and new digital stickers in my Etsy shop

 Oh. hello!

I love this time of the year. Autumn is already in the air. I slowly make plans for long evenings, prepare my beloved armchair and take out warm blankets from the wardrobe. Before autumn absorbs me for good, I have prepared a freebie and a new set of watercolor digital stickers. Check below!


 If you like the freebie and want to support me, I'd love to check out my shop :) new fall stickers are already there!


Retro Bloom Freebie digital stickers

Long time no see! You have to believe me that I had a good reason (she is 9 months old and is learning to walk! :)) 


 I'm coming back to you with free Retro Bloom digital stickers!

This time I have three versions for you:  

- individual PNG (click)

 - GoodNotes file (pre-cropped stickers) (click)

 - GoodNotes Elements file (NEW!) (click)

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Wicked DPA Sale and Halloween Freebie Set!

It's a special weekend - first of all, you can buy everything in my store with a 40% discount using the code WICKED20. Secondly - I have a great set of Halloween-themed stickers for you!

Let's start with the sale - this weekend DPA - Digital Planners Anonymous is having a sale with me and lots of great stores. Be sure to join the Facebook group (click here) to see all participating stores!

You can find my shop HERE - enter the code  


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 Ok, so now about FREEBIE :)

You can grab this set - there is also a surprise for KOALA fans!





Mimosa and Daisy Collection + Freebie!

 I love mimosa! This electrifying color, visual fluffiness ... everything is YES! However, when combined with a daisy, the mimosa takes on a new character. The whole thing is joyful, energizing ... What more could you want? Probably just a freebie set and a discount code for the new collection :)



There are four items in this collection:

1. Digital Stickers
2. Digital inserts in bullet journal style
3. Digital pages for digital planner
4. Procreate stamps


Use code MIMOSA to get -35% for this collection! :)

(6 Oct 2020 18:00—12 Oct 2020 00:00)



I hope you will like the new digital stickers and premade pages collection. Meanwhile, I'm leaving you a link to the freebies! You can check if this color and style match your planner :)

Download here the Mimosa Mini Kit freebie


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Wallpapers for October + promo code!

Autumn feels more and more! The days can be foggy, mornings - quite dark, and we decided to get up at 6.30 am, despite everything. And you know what ... thanks to this I love autumn even more! Is there anything nicer than a cup of warm tea in a warm home? Especially that I have an office in my own apartment and I can admire from the window how everyone rushes to work in the morning ... I know, I'm terrible! But at least ... honest :D

And I have freebie for you! And the promo code! :)

Ok, so here is link to you freebie October wallpapers: 

To create this wallpapers I used Pumpkin Spice stickers elements, it's available here:

PUMPKIN SPICE stickers kit

You can celebrate autumn with me!  

I have prepared a discount -40% for you on several autumn products:

Fall Vibes Stickers

 Ink Strokes Stickers

Pumpkin Spice Stickers

 Fall Brush Strokes Set

Autumn Brush Strokes

Alcohol Ink Strokes

Halloween Brush Strokes 




Free Wallpapers - September 2020!

 I have the impression that someone cut a few months out of my biography - and probably not only me. So September! Autumn! Or fall if you prefer. I have prepared a set of wallpapers for the phone and tablet / desktop. Hope you like them! :)

To create this calendars I used my digital stickers, you can buy it HERE :)


And now the most important thing, I mean...



Calendars for September follow my Fall Vibes stickers!  

You can buy them here :)

Use code FALLVIBES to get 40% discount on this set! 

(use between 28 Aug 2020 — 31 Aug 2020) 


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Free Wallpapers - July 2020!

I haven't been on the blog for a long time! But I needed a break :) I'm coming back to you with a new set of stickers with an owl motif. And of course I have freebies for you! July is coming!

But first I want to introduce you to the new Digital Stickers Kit - Owls edition! I love owls. They are beautiful, wise animals that have always delighted me. For a long time I tried to draw owls that would delight me ... for months I was looking for inspiration! Until one day she came to me and here they are - boho lineart owls!

You can buy this set HERE :)

Use code BOHOOWLS to get -30% for all items from section "New arrivals!"

The promotion expires on June 25!


Below you will find links to download wallpapers. Choose the ones you are interested in and download! )


Urban Jungle Digital Stickers + free stickers!

This set is inspired by my own home jungle! To be honest - I have not always loved plants. I could even remove a cactus! But when I moved to my own apartment.... everything changed!

Therefore, this set of stickers is a reflection of the plants that I have at home. It's portable, and you don't need to water them! I've also added some junk journal elements so that the kit matches other stickers in this style.

When designing this set of digital stickers, I wanted to create various spreads from it. You can mix these stickers with others in the style of junk journal; you can use only minimalistic accents and add them to any style. There are so many possibilities!


 You can buy this set

to get 30% off for this set!
(May 08 - May 11)


And as you can guess, I also have a freebie for you! 
To download them, click HERE!

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Lavender Digital Stickers Kit. New collection is here!

Oh, it's finally here! I really love lavender, but I have had a creative crisis in recent days. I needed to rest a bit, but as soon as it passed - I got to work. That is why for the first time I present to you not only a set of stickers, but the entire Lavender Fields collection! I've prepared three new listings: daily set page, weekly layout and of course digital stickers kit. And freebie obviously! :)

Did I mention anything about the crisis? Well ... lavender played a big role in my return to work. I have rediscovered the power of essential oils. Oh, if only I could attach a fragrance to the stickers! That would be an innovation! :D

But before I came up with how to do it, I wanted to present you my new products - Lavender Fields Digital Stickers Collection. Links can be found below!


Lavender Fields - Daily Template - buy HERE


Digital Weekly Template - buy HERE


Digital Stickers Kit - buy HERE

Free Digital Sticky Notes!

I've prepared two designs for you - if you don't like lavender too much or you're not sure if this collection is for you :)

To get your freebies click THIS link :)


Delicate Wildflowers Digital Stickers + Freebie

How are you doing during quarantine? I hope you all feel well and stay home. We live in a breakthrough time ... I don't remember anything in the history of the world grounding us all at home, regardless of where we live! 

I have ups and downs, but whenever I feel good - then I draw. And there is nothing more relaxing than drawing lineart flowers! I have prepared a new set of stickers and freebie!

You can buy this stickers HERE :)
Use the
code: WILDFLOWERS to get a 30% discount on this set.  
The code is valid until April 18!

And now... freebie time!
For the first time I decided to add as a freebie one sticky note, which is part of the set that you can buy. I want you to see that the stickers really have good quality and will look great in your digital planners!

To get free digital stickers, click HERE :)

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Watercolor Splashes. New digi stickers + freebie!

Time for some color! I definitely need an energy boost. When I look into my digital planner - I still really like kraft paper style layouts, but ... I lack power! Therefore, to maintain balance, I created a set of hand drawn watercolor digital splashes. I have also prepared two free stickers!

Sometimes a small accent is enough to give the layout a new expression. Even a small splash can turn a whole page into a digital planner. Scroll down .. and check it out :)

New sticker set - check on my Etsy HERE :)

Watercolor + Powder Pink Digital Sticky Notes Set

Do you remember my powder pink sticky note set? To make it, I used previously drawn clip art, which is also available in my store. Now that I have mixed it all and added watercolor splashes to it, the whole thing has gained a new character. Definitely more energetic!

Powder Pink Sticky Notes [check here
Lineart Leaves clip art + GN5 stickers [check here]
Watercolor Splashes [check here]

Life in the Ocean + more watercolor!

One of my latest sticker sets (and one of the most labor-intensive!) fits perfectly with watercolor splashes. We can say that it is its extension :)

Life in the Ocean [check here]
Watercolor Splashes [check here]

Free Digital Stickers for you!

Ok, time for the promised freebie. To show you how cool watercolor splashes look in a digital planner, I have prepared two stickers for you. I hope they diversify your layouts. Of course, I'm waiting for your photos on my Facebook group!

CLICK HERE to download 2 stickers in PNG format :)


Free wallpapers - April 2020

I have no doubt - it won't be ordinary April, just like March. It doesn't change the fact that time is running out, calendar dates are changing ... and we all need to make this time a bit more pleasant! I have prepared for you a set of desktop wallpapers - phone, tablet, computer with sunflowers.

You can use them on your devices or use as a sticker for your digital planner. I hope you like this theme!

To prepare this wallpapers I used elements from Sunflowers Sticker Kit - you can still buy it HERE :)
Use code SUNFLOWER to get -30% for this set! 
Code is valid until April 6!

Below you will find links to download wallpapers. Choose the ones you are interested in and download! )


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Fluffy & Furry - Free Procreate Brushes

Oh hi! Some time ago on my Facebook group I asked you if you are using Procreate. Some of you said yes! I asked for a reason - I have a lot of Procreate Stamps and Pattern Brushes in my store and I like to create them very much. Today I want to present you a new collection of brushes that will soon go to the store. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to download them completely free :)

Fluffy and Furry - this is the name of my brushes - created in order to make it easier for me to imitate everything that is plush and furry. They may not be very complicated ... but how they make life easier! :)


I hope that with the help of these free brushes you will paint wonderful artworks in Procreate! Be sure to share the effects :) Click HERE to download it directly from my Dropbox!

And if you want to reproduce pattern in your works, e.g. cows or giraffes, check out my store HERE! :)



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