Lavender Digital Stickers Kit. New collection is here!

Oh, it's finally here! I really love lavender, but I have had a creative crisis in recent days. I needed to rest a bit, but as soon as it passed - I got to work. That is why for the first time I present to you not only a set of stickers, but the entire Lavender Fields collection! I've prepared three new listings: daily set page, weekly layout and of course digital stickers kit. And freebie obviously! :)

Did I mention anything about the crisis? Well ... lavender played a big role in my return to work. I have rediscovered the power of essential oils. Oh, if only I could attach a fragrance to the stickers! That would be an innovation! :D

But before I came up with how to do it, I wanted to present you my new products - Lavender Fields Digital Stickers Collection. Links can be found below!


Lavender Fields - Daily Template - buy HERE


Digital Weekly Template - buy HERE


Digital Stickers Kit - buy HERE

Free Digital Sticky Notes!

I've prepared two designs for you - if you don't like lavender too much or you're not sure if this collection is for you :)

To get your freebies click THIS link :)




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