Life in the Ocean. New collection + freebies for April!

Creating this digital stickers set was a challenge for me! I still don't feel very confident in digital watercolor. It is possible that I got used to the natural effects on paper too much ... and that's why I kept improving and correcting subsequent strokes... again and again! 

When I was more or less satisfied with my level of digital watercolor creation ... I couldn't stop. There are so many creatures in the ocean that I wanted to draw! However, I realized that I had to put a limit somewhere and finish. So I'm done - I've created 133 digital stickers in total!

You can buy it HERE :)


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If you are not sure if the ocean theme is for you - I have prepared three free stickers for you!You will receive a mini calendar for April (sunday and monday start), one sticky note and the inscription "April". 
I hope you will like it!
You can download it directly from my Dropbox HERE!

To prepare this freebies I used mini calendars - you can buy it HERE.

Please note - I use PNG version of this calendars, and using Procreate I turned it into white.
In my offer you can get this calendars in BLACK, but in two version - GoodNotes 5 and PNGs - you can use them in any graphic program to turn them into white (e.g. Procreate - use "clipping mask" or "Alpha lock -> Fill layer")

It has commercial use licence, so you can use it to create your own items for sale! :)




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