Digital Junk Journal. Five reasons to love it!

Have you ever heard about junk journal? If not, it's time to catch up! On paper version, it means creating beautiful diaries, albums or planners using "waste" - scrap from the production of scrapbooking cards, newspaper clippings, used envelopes, postage stamps ... I could mention endlessly!


This idea gained such popularity that it also moved to the digital version. However, as electronic newspapers are difficult to recycle, special collections are created to re-create the junk journal atmosphere. I also loved this kind of creativity and created a collection of decorations for the digital planner. Now I'm creating another one ... and therefore, I have a freebie for you!

But firstly I will try to answer the question that I asked myself in the title of this post!

So, here is five reason to love Digital Junk Journal! 

1. You can create something from nothing. Mix various styles together and create completely new layouts. 

2. It's a great idea to keep a digital diary. You can decorate photos, scans, give them a whole new character! Especially if you need a break from cute stickers ;) 

3. Do you have digital stickers in your collection that you use only partially? Review them again. You will surely find elements that you can successfully combine with digital stickers dedicated for junk journal. Thus you will give them a whole new life!

This is my minimalist version of junk journal. I've mixed stickers from several of my sets:
Kraft Style Minimal Stickers [here]
Botanical Junk Journal Digital Stickers [here]
Digital Art Journal Stickers [here]

4. No special skills are needed to create digital junk journal. So if you haven't found yourself in creating something so far, just look at this mishmash ... ideas will come to your mind! 

5. If you give a chance to this idea, everything around you will start to inspire you. You will start to notice the beauty in every thing. I checked, it really works and develops the imagination!

Finally - the promised freebie!

This is one of the notes that I created when creating the new collection. Certainly it will take me a while to create it (because although the effect is quite negligent, it really requires a lot of work), but you can enjoy it now.

click HERE to download from Dropbox!

And if you like the idea - check out my previous botanical digital Junk Journal Stickers collection. With the code: JUNKJOURNAL you will receive a 30% discount :)  
The coupon is valid until the end of February 2020.

Have fun creating junk journal!



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