Spring Vibes Digital Stickers + Freebies!

Oh hello!
It's my very first post on this blog! Yay! I'm little stressed! But...yay! :D

I don't know what the weather situation looks like in your place, but at this moment in the place where I live... there should definitely be snow and freezing cold!

Meanwhile, the spring is already spreading wings, temperatures are definitely too high (team #coldlover!), and in addition a very unpleasant wind blows ... I'm doing everything to make this weather a bit more pleasant, which is why I thought it was the highest moment to show a new digital sticker set! I was supposed to publish it in April, but since spring is already knocking on my windows ... I think I have no choice :)

Recently, a little bird told me that pastel colors are passe. Now strong colors and charismatic connections rule! However, I'm still in love with light tones.

You can find this set in my Etsy store HERE :)
Use code SPRINGVIBES to get 20% off (Feb 18 - Feb 24 2020)

I hope you will like them, because I have prepared freebies for you! 

You can download it directly from my Dropbox HERE!

This freebie set includes: the mini digital calendar for March (sunday and monday start) and the inscription "March" surrounded by a wreath. This is a small foretaste of what you can find in the spring sticker set that has just landed on ETSY! :)

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Have a lovely day!



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